• Drafters provide a comprehensive legal costs service

    covering all aspects of the preparation and recovery of your costs.

  • Our ability to achieve and deliver the best results

    for our clients is due to the knowledge and expertise of our specialist Costs Lawyers and Costs Draftsmen.

We have an excellent understanding of the industry. It is our aim to provide a service that complements and adds value to our clients business.

We work closely with our clients to qualify their expectations, enabling us to deliver our clients preferred bill profile within a reasonable time frame.
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What we do

We work closely with our clients to provide an accurate and reflective Bill of costs, while ensuring that each Bill reflects a balanced view of your costs.

We provide a full breakdown of the work carried out by your firm, highlighting the key actions you have undertaken and the reasons for doing so. This in turn allows us to expedite the early stages of negotiations. Also clarification of these ‘key’ points reduces the possibility of disputed points being raised.

We have a flexible drafting structure, combining a team of in house draftsmen with a number of independent costs specialists to ensure we are able to provide a rapid turnaround. In routine matters this is within 7 working days, with more complex matters this is obviously increased.

All files are allocated on the day of receipt and an expected completion date can be provided if the matter is of an urgent nature.With each matter we will provide a comprehensive letter of advice, highlighting concerns with any retainer issues, including in relation to the enforceability of your Conditional Fee Agreement or recoverability of Additional Liabilities and advice on suggested levels of settlement.


Our billing structure is based on an hourly rate; however should a client prefer a % of profit costs to be applied we are happy to consider this arrangement.

Many costing firms employ a fixed fee for the work they have carried out on your behalf, a fee that appears to be immune from any deductions following the negotiation process.

Our main philosophy when dealing with negotiations on behalf of our clients is to ‘Share the pain’ – If we are not able to achieve the figure suggested in our letter of advice, the same % shortfall will be applied to our fees.


Bill preparation & Negotiating

We work closely with our clients to ensure an accurate and reflective Bill of costs is prepared, ensuring that each Bill provided reflects a balanced view of your costs.

We pride ourselves in our ability to read a situation and employ the correct actions to cut through the unnecessary delaying tactics employed by defendant firms.

Once the bill has been agreed Drafters will provide advice highlighting any issues that are likely to be raised and how we intend to manage these issues. As the case progresses we will continue to provide updates, including regular MI report.

Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence, Commercial

Personal Injury

We deal with all aspects of complex personal injury costs including large value catastrophic injuries and serious RTA. We aim to recover as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Clinical Negligence

We have a dedicated team experienced in preparing detailed Bills of Costs for all types ofClinical Negligence claims. All members of the team are experienced in costing Inter Parties and CLS funded claims.

The team can provide complimentary advice at any stage in the case and, if necessary, can work with you in-house to draft estimates of costs in readiness for trial.


We have created a panel of independent senior Costs Draftsmen, who are available to deal with costs in commercial cases. As many of these cases are likely to be complex in nature we will provide comprehensive narratives with each Bill of Costs, to enable us to maximise the level of costs recoverable.


We are able to provide representation at detailed assessment and other cost related hearings across the country.

Cost Budgeting

We are able to offer assistance with costs budgeting and complying with the new requirements introduced on 1 April 2013.

Delivery of Papers

A courier delivery service is available for the safe and secure transport of your files, including tracked files, and we are also on the DX network.

We have an established network which allows us to share files safely and securely over the internet. We run the Proclaim case management software which allows us to export files directly into our system from our client’s servers. This provides a secure and efficient delivery service for all practices using the Proclaim system.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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